Tree of Life Farm is a small family farm, nestled in the southwest corner of Wisconsin. We farm around 5-10 acres of vegetables a year. We serve the tri-state area including Dubuque IA, Galena IL, and Platteville WI. You can find our produce at local grocery stores and restaurants. Tree of Life is cared for by Marc Millitzer, his partner Jess, and parents Jan and Roger Averkamp. This farm is built upon a foundation of hard work ethic and creative enthusiasm. We love what we do, and are driven by our organic mission! Marc started this farm as an amateur gardener with a green thumb, and desire to serve a common good. Through several seasons, with much reading and practice, Marc has taught himself the ways of the organic vegetable farmer. It feels great to supply the many folks who frequent our farm/market booth in search of Tree of Life’s famously amazing salad greens, celery, and oyster mushrooms.

Find us at Dubuque Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, 7am-Noon, Downtown Dubuque (our stand is across from Breezy’s Café on Iowa St).  Also at Oak Park Farmers Market Saturdays 7am-1pm. Farmers markets are a great way to support your local economy! We will be bringing garden plants for your spring gardening adventures, as well as our home-grown quality produce.

Tree of Life has a country store on the farm, just outside of Cuba City WI; at the corner of Hwy 80 & Kirkwood Rd. You can find fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits and mushrooms from our farm, and other local goods such as; honey, eggs, bread, soap, pumpkins, melons and gourds at our daily market store.

 Our Organic Standards…

Our produce is USDA Certified Organic by the Midwest Organic Services Association. We do not use any pesticides on our farm; we focus on building healthy soil, and proper crop rotation as prevention to pest issues. We weed our fields with traditional cultivation methods using an antique vegetable-farming tractor, and of course, good ol’ fashioned hand-weeding. Our organic standards guarantee that our food is grown with the most safe and natural agricultural inputs. Our produce is harvested at the peak of perfection, and stored carefully to ensure shelf life and vitality. Eating fresh natural foods is important for health and wellness. Even more beneficial, is sourcing food from local farms/gardens practicing responsible land stewardship.  At Tree of Life Farm, we believe in giving back to the earth; our farm applies many agricultural techniques that bring the soil and surrounding ecosystems back into balance, such as; composting, cover cropping, genetic diversity and other natural ag-methods.

On the farm, we have approximately 2 acres of annual vegetable fields. Our young 150-tree fruit orchard is in its second year fruiting, wild strawberries and several kinds of herbs grow beneath the trees (planting herbs beneath the fruit-trees helps to control pest populations by limiting their habitat, and discouraging insects with pungent aromas). Wild plums and peaches, as well as several varieties of apples, pears, cherries and berries have a home here.    We grow extra transplants in our greenhouses to supply your gardens, as well as ours, with early, healthy bedding plants and garden-starts. Find your tomato, cucumber, marigold, strawberry, mint, or parsley plants for your outdoor or container garden at Farmers Market or our Farm Store greenhouse.

Oyster Mushrooms…

Recently, we have constructed a ‘mushroom cave’ here as a habitat for Oyster Mushrooms to be cultivated year round. Oyster Mushrooms are a wonderful source of nutrition, and are a gourmet culinary delight! These mushrooms have been another great source of fertility and diversity on the farm. Oyster Mushrooms have been known to digest environmental toxins, and turn them into bio-safe compounds. Some progressive homesteaders even filter their water with Mushroom mycelium. We have really enjoyed having mushrooms on the farm to support the life here. We also grow an edible garden mushroom called ‘Wine-Caps’. They are great for our garden environments, and are a savory spring and autumn mealtime pleasure!

CSA Program…food box delivery

Tree of Life Farm has a small CSA program for the summer and winter months (Community Supported Agriculture). Our boxes contain a large variety of produce. The boxes include staple vegetables such as onions, garlic, and potatoes. We also include tasty treats like mushrooms, berries, purple carrots, and melons. Each week becomes an adventure in local eating! We offer a small summer share which feeds about 1-2 adults (this really depends on how many vegetables you like to eat). The box size is 1/2 bushel.  We also offer a large summer share in a bushel be size. Many customers in the past have ‘split’ their box share with another family or friend. This way picking up the box may be more manageable, and each member can choose which vegetables and fruits they prefer. Many people enjoy this and make the event a fun weekly tradition. We love to get familiar with our customers. Besides the earthly duty of growing vegetables, one of the greatest joys within this program is when we get to know the people who share our harvest. Tree of Life CSA is looking forward to many more years of sustainable farming through deeply organic practices. Thank you everyone for helping us farmers make a difference!

Tree of Life is glad to bring you fresh, quality produce. See you at Farmers’ Market!

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