What’s In The Box?

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture is an opportunity for members to invest in shares of fresh, local, organic produce delivered to a location nearest you directly from our farm. A fresh box of produce is ready for pick up every week.

A typical box of produce contains the freshest fruits, vegetables and mushrooms available from he farm. The contents of the box will vary each week. This is because we only provide the freshest produce available that season. What is in the box may vary from week to week but the quality of our product is consistent with our certified organic rating.

A  large Summer share contains a quantity of organic produce that will feed 2-3 adults every week (this really depends on your appetite for vegetables). A Small Summer share will feed 1-2 people a week. Many customers have enjoyed sharing a box share with a fellow friend or family member. This usually becomes a fun weekly tradition of splitting up the box between persons depending on what they enjoy and prefer.

Winter Share 

The winter delivery consists of 5 months of Organic vegetables from our farm with some extra produce sourced from other local organic farms. Bushel or Half bushel box options are delivered every other week November—December and once a month January through April.

Every winter is different and we cannot predict how the weather will treat us. Some deliveries need to be rescheduled depending on the road conditions or other weather related occurrences. Normally in November and December you will receive a lot of fresh produce along with storage style crops. After January the box changes to mostly roots and if we are lucky, some micro greens and mushrooms. In April the box includes more greens again. We plant greens and oyster mushrooms for the entire winter delivery but cannot promise them in the really cold days. If you want some really great local and seasonal vegetables all winter this is for you! Many past members rave about the full boxes of quality produce.

Greens: Arugula, Spinach, Lettuce, Tatsoi, Mizuna, Kale

Micro Greens: Sunflower, Sweet Pea

Winter Squash: Butternut, Acorn, Spaghetti

Roots: red and gold Beets, Onions, Multi-colored Carrots, Turnips, Winter Radishes, Potatoes, Rutabaga, Sweet Potatoes

And: Celery, dried Tomatoes and Peppers, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Oyster Mushrooms, Herbs

Winter Delivery dates

November 3, November 17, December 1, December 15, December 22, January 12, February 9,

March 9, April 13

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What Will my Box Look Like?

Please check out the purchase page to choose your options.

Each week, we pack the boxes with fresh produce from our farm. You will receive produce that is in season, as we can reasonably produce it (that means, we all account for and understand crop failures) and if there is enough to give to each member for that week. The boxes are packed according to value (not weight, or size), that is for the summer box, $25 – $60 worth of fresh organic produce per delivery depending on options. We try to give you a good deal on your produce.

What we expect to grow this summer:
Apples Lettuce (heads, and leaf mix)
Asian Pears Microgreens (pea and sunflower)
Basil Onions
Beans Oyster Mushrooms
Beets Pac Choi
Broccoli Parsley
Brussels Sprouts Peas
Carrots Peppers
Cabbage Plums
Celeriac Radishes
Celery Rutabaga
Chard Spinach
Chives Strawberries
Cucumbers Tomatoes
Eggplant Winter Squash
Kale Zucchini

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